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This fresh sheet is for our Saturday market and our Wednesday market next week, unless otherwise noted.
*Please note that some items are available in a limited quantity*

– Beets
– Carrots
– Salad Turnips
– French Breakfast Radish
– Salad Mix
– Kohlrabi
– Chard
– Zuchinni
– Cucumbers
– Tomatoes
– Eggplants
– Leeks
– Flowers

Market Vendors for Saturday September 24th, 2022

We have an incredible lineup of vendors for our markets! We can’t wait for you to try all their amazing products.

Lorna’s Garden Veg: Local grower offering a variety of fresh produce grown in her yard including: garlic, seasonal vegetables and fruit. Seedlings available from time to time.


Bad Dog Bread:  Artisan bakery selling naturally leavened breads and pastries, made with freshly milled BC flour.

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Nectaro: Nectaro is a small Vancouver-based company producing 100% natural ginger extracts. It is a cold-pressed ginger extract mixed with different fruit and vegetable extracts. Our product is unique by not containing any preservatives or artificial colors, but raw ingredients only. Ginger extract is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. From leftover pulp produced while making ginger extract, we create flavourful tea blends. We also make handcrafted fruit rolls/leathers. A delicious and healthy snack for children and adults made exclusively from local fruits and nothing else.

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Steamworks Brewpub Food Truck, offering classic pub fare on the go.



Studio Brewing:At Studio Brewing, beer comes first! We pour ourselves into our recipes, use only the highest quality ingredients and fight tooth and nail during cellaring. Located on Beresford St. in Burnaby, we hope you stop by to see for yourself.

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Carla Simple Living: A natural fibres artist, inspired by the ocean, sunny days, and warm sands. I use natural fibres, unpolished wood beads, and driftwood for my creations.

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Adelé & Joy:I am Nicole, I am a Fashion/Jewelry designer in Vancouver, BC. I am passionate about making vibrant accessories that will bring joy and fun for the wearer! I design one of a kind pieces for any occasion!

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Victoria Yahara Studio: Original hand-carved botanical linocut prints inspired by the symbolic Victorian Language of Flowers.

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Bare Refillery: Bare Refillery offers safe, toxic free refills of home essentials and personal care products as well as a variety of package-free and sustainably packaged items made from local ingredients that are foraged, grown or sourced by Camille herself. Bare was born after Camille spent several years working in the packaging industry seeing the devastating effects on the environment and our society as a whole. Conscious living and safer alternatives is what Camille strives to educate others on. Bare Refillery operates out of a trailer in the summer months where you can find us located all around the lower mainland, and in a brick and mortar location in Delbrook Plaza in the winter season!

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Bob The Dog: We specialize in providing a variety of human grade, homemade pet treats, as well as handmade leashes and other accessories. We take pride in the quality and integrity of our products because we’ll settle for nothing but the best for Bob the Dog. That’s what we promise to pass on to our customers!

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