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There are some things that I perpetually procrastinate – preparing for big presentations is at the top of that list. I procrastinate because I’m nervous, but I also find that there is a sweet spot for highly effective procrastination. I think today is that day!

What is highly effective procrastination? It is when I have put off doing something long enough that adrenaline (or some other creative juices) begin to kick in and fuel developing a good (hopefully great) presentation. It’s a sweet spot because the adrenaline has not reached a level that I’m manic with anxiety and excitement… yet.

Today I will use that sweet spot of procrastination to make my presentation for the Whole Foods Brain Food Speaker Series on May 31st at the Chan Centre. Whole Foods, Vega, and Left Coast Naturals has brought together an awesome line up of local speakers to share their food stories with you.

“The masterful minds behind Vij’s famous menus, Vancouver’s first cold press juice truck, the most authentic French pastry café in the city, the farms popping up next door to you, the award-winning documentary that has turned into a movement, and how hunger-relief organizations are feeding and empowering the people it serves.” – See more!

Ticket sales benefit the WholeKids Foundation, which has supported a number of our school garden programs and the Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden.

Get your ticket – only $30.

A big thank you to Whole Foods for inviting me to participate and share some of the Edible Garden Project’s story – it’s an honour!