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Enter to win a gorgeous self watering planter box from

Life Space Projects!

Farm to Feast-3

All proceeds from the Tiny Tim Tomato Contest support the Edible Garden Project! To enter, purchase your hand built Tiny Tim Tomato Box for $30 at Loutet Farm Gate Sales or through our office (604-987-8138 ext 231).

Contest Rules:

  • Post a picture of you with your new tomato plant online!
  • Post 5 updates, at least a week apart, between now and August 24th 2014 documenting the growth and water requirements of your little Timmy.
  • On August 24th the voting begins!
  • Any photo taken during the growing season is eligible.
  • Which ever photo gets the most likes by August 31st wins a handcrafted 1’x3′ self watering container!

Download the Contest Rules