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I just got a great email from a friend of a friend inviting me to “The Feast” in Vancouver on October 18th. Sounds exciting already right!?

Here’s what Crystal shared about the event with me:

Calling all foodies, entrepreneurs, changemakers, creatives, influencers, activists, artists and generally awe-inspiring folks!

The Feast Worldwide is a day of global dinner parties in 40+ cities across 6 continents. The goal? To spark collaboration that drives local entrepreneurs and social initiatives forward. More information at

On October 18, we’re inviting Vancouver to explore the global theme of PROGRESSION through food and sharing. Join us in envisioning, “A world where growing and eating healthy food connects people.”

The idea is simple. Come for an interactive dinner that explores connections between food, community, technology, sustainability, business, health, design, and more! We’re inviting incredible entrepreneurs to share their work. Let’s sit together over dinner – and instead of talking about problems, talk about ways to support each other, collaborate, and make things work a tiny bit better.This dinner is about connecting with each other over a simple meal and weighing into a global problem solving session. It’s a movement to get full on good.

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Download the poster here!