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April 25, 2017

Since its inception, the Edible Garden Project has been distilled comfortably and naturally into three words; farm, share, teach. When I first started working at the EGP and I asked the team to describe the EGP and they echoed the words “we farm, we share, we teach” (and not necessarily in that order). Pulling back we are all about growing and enjoying food. Local food. As we inspire growing we are also growing community.

In the three pillars of  our work (farming, sharing, teaching) donations are welcomed with open arms and appreciated whole heartedly. Everything we do benefits from donations. We are so fortunate to have a community of businesses and people who donate. The donations of time, knowledge, money and product are all equally appreciated.

Soil is one product that is top on our wish list this time of year. This year our wishes did come true. We received soil to grow the seedlings for the schools, farms and sharing gardens. Thank you West Creek Farms. We received lovely rich compost for our raised beds at the schools and childcare facilities. Thank you Hop Compost. We received soil for Loutet farm and Sutherland School Market Garden. Thank you Harvest Power. And last, but not least, we received soil for our Sharing Gardens. Thank you Artisan Landscaping.

Dirt is dirt, right? Wrong. Dirt is what you get in your house when you don’t clean. We are talking living soil here. Soil is what we need to nurture our plants. We feed the earth with the soil. The soil feeds the plants. The plants feed us. Everybody is happy.

Even with all the generous donations we still require more soil. So, we make it at Loutet Farm. Developing the soil and putting it back into the beds takes a league of wonderful volunteers. We assemble the soil from raw products; grass clippings, horse manure, non-edible greens we weed out of the gardens and leaves.  All these soils and compost make fine food for our plants to feast on. Then we feast on them.

Thank you to our soil donors and to those who help us build the soil.