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 Table Matters: A Celebration & Evening of DialogueWhere: North Van City Hall, 141 West 14th Street

When: 5:15PM-9PM

Song(s) tailor-made for this event Performed By: TBA

Food touches every aspect of our lives, from daily meals with our families to trips to the grocery store or community garden in our neighbourhoods and beyond. All of these experiences with food are influenced by policies at all levels (though how is not always visible). We all have values around food that we hold dear, and last year you shared those with us.

All year we worked on crafting your feedback into a Food Charter for the North Shore, and we’ll unveil our results at this event. Join us to celebrate this accomplishment, sign the document to show your support to local municipal leaders. We’ll share our plan to take it to the North Shore Congress where local municipal leaders will have the opportunity to review and endorse it.

We are hosting an evening of food (of course!) music, and conversation to celebrate the Food Charter and discuss how we can ‘put it to work’ in our communities.

Your input will provide direction to the Table Matters Network, so we can work to further this work in our communities and provide the resources you need on the ground.Everyone is welcome, diversity is key. Please join us!

For more information contact Margaret Broughton, Community Nutritionist, VCH: 604-904-6482

Thank you!
This event is generously sponsored by Population Health, North Shore, Vancouver Coastal Health