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Woohoo!! Finally, after a couple of years of planning, we’re building the Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden. We broke ground on February 24th, exactly one year after we held a community consultation on a snowy evening in the foyer at Sutherland Secondary. We had a big machine come out and push the hump off the hill at the garden site, and flatten it out into a growing platform that we are calling the “agropolis”.
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Over the next 4 weeks, we will be building 100 raised beds on top of the “agropolis” and filling them with soil. We also have paths to mulch, flower borders to plant, irrigation to lay, and 11 fun-filled workbees scheduled in March. Join us – learn new skills, meet your neighbours, and be part of building an innovative educational market garden in North Vancouver.
Will you join us to build the Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden? We have a whole bunch of volunteer days (workbees) scheduled from March 9th-22nd. During these workbees volunteers will help us build raised beds, fill them with soil, mulch our pathways, and install irrigation. It’s going to take many hands to build this amazing garden and educational space – we hope you can join us, and bring a friend or two!
Look at the Workbee Dates, and sign up for when you are available here:
You are also welcome to drop in on these dates, but we really prefer volunteers to sign up because it means we can be better prepared for the number of people we expect. If you can’t schedule them in now, just come back later!
After you sign up, you will receive an email with the address, what to bring/wear, and all the other details that you’ll need to have fun at the workbee. Each week we will also send out a general update email, so you’ll be able to see progress as we go! Please email if you have any questions.