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Grow With the Edible Garden Project

The Edible Garden Project (EGP) grows food in community gardens, on boulevards, in public right-of-ways, and in people’s front and back yards. Every space is a possible veggie plot with the right mix of sun, soil, and care; our team of amazing volunteers works hard to tend these gardens and harvest food to share with people in need in our community. As our programs and volunteer base grows, we are open to working with additional garden space. If you have garden space that you do not use, we may be able to cultivate it into a food garden.

If you’re interested in working with us, let’s find a time to meet and see your space. You will have a chance to meet the EGP coordinator and the volunteers who will be tending to the garden. You are not required to spend anytime in the garden, but you are welcome to join us. All the produce grown will be donated to those in need in the area.

To be considered for cultivation, garden spaces must have good light exposure, access to water and good soil quality.  If you’ve got space to share and want it to flourish as a garden, please send an email with a description or picture of the site and your location to info [at] ediblegardenproject [dot] com.