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Not your typical greenhouse pest… they do things differently at Maplewood!

Sometime last year, Leslie observed that there is an “invisible” element to some of what we do on the EGP farms.  A big one is our seedling and transplant production takes place at Maplewood Farm.

For the last few years, we’ve partnered with Maplewood Farm to use their glass greenhouse for our Spring propagation area.

Prior to this agreement, their greenhouse was full of tropical plants and a mini-pond.  Although it was a beautiful and much-loved green space, it was also very inefficient to heat and light the area – keeping tropical plants happy in our climate is obviously tough.

The folks at Maplewood began to imagine how great it would be if the space was filled with edible plants more suitable to our Pacific Northwest climate.  Enter the Edible Garden Project!


A beautiful green space full of discovery… and food!

We now use the space for our seedlings in the Spring, and begin planting cucumbers, tomatoes and other tasty crops for Maplewood Farm to enjoy as it gets warmer.

Maplewood saves energy and heating costs, the EGP has a safe, warm place to get a head start on the growing season, and visitors to the farm can wander in the greenhouse and observe organic vegetable production in a beautiful green space.

We’ve put a slide show of how we transform the greenhouse during the winter, creating a temporary heated tent for our seedlings.

By enclosing this area, we only need a few space heaters to keep the soil warm and the seedlings happy.  The poly sheeting holds heat much better than the glass and the whole thing takes only half a day to set up!


Maplewood Farm produce! Yum.

We start small with one tent, but we have enough space to build up to three tents inside the greenhouse!  As seedlings mature, they can tolerate colder temperatures and are moved out of the tents, up to Loutet Farm to be transplanted or sold to local gardeners.

And as temperature rise and seedlings empty out, we will take down the tents and begin planting edible crops into the soil.  By mid-summer, the glass greenhouse is full of happy vegetables which will produce until late Fall.

It truly is a win-win partnership!

Thanks for reading!  Check back on our blog to see Maplewood updates as the season continues!