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Every year we have a new cohort of interns at Loutet Farm. Interns are committed volunteers who give 3 hours per week (or more!) of their time in exchange for getting to learn everything we do at the Farm. They work with us from March to October to get the full picture of a growing season. We are constantly blown away at how committed and hard working our interns are and it’s an absolute delight to see their faces each week at the Farm. This year we had lots of interns return for a second season with us, which has been so fun to see how the learning grows and compounds from season to season. We feel lucky we get to work alongside these lovely humans – thanks interns!!

Keep reading to learn more about our new and returning interns. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, consider joining us next year! We welcome all levels of experience.

New Interns:


Hello! My name is Abi and I’m a newbie market grower living on Bowen Island. I come over every week for the soul-nourishing community farm vibes. Learning from the best (thanks Claire + Becka!), being amongst some of the loveliest people I’ve met for a long time, and experiencing the whole growing season of a busy urban farm has been invaluable and I’m very very thankful to be here. Digging in, being accepted, sharing knowledge and ideas, and producing food for our community brings about a feeling of not being alone, of contributing to something that is greater, something that has true substance and meaning.



I’m interning at Loutet Farm to learn more about sustainable agriculture. In just four weeks, I’ve gained valuable hands-on experience in planting, tending, and harvesting. The real highlight, however, has been working with some incredibly passionate people who are genuinely committed to making a positive impact in the community.



This is my first experience with farming, but I’ve had a deep love for local food for many years. I believe food is the universal connector, healer, and teacher.  For the last 6 years I have worked with local food and beverage businesses helping them navigate the challenges of growing a business. I’ve had the opportunity to meet the people behind the brands and hear their stories. I’ve also been fortunate to be involved in conversations and projects focused on local food security and sustainability.

For the last year or so I have felt a deeper calling to be more involved with food at its source and gain the experience, knowledge, and privilege of growing it. I live just around the corner from Loutet and had been eyeing the farm for a while! When I met Claire, the Head Farmer, I immediately felt so supported and encouraged to explore farming. My first three months have flown by! One of my favourite things so far has been learning about garlic, walking through the waist high rows of it, and trying garlic scapes for the first time!  

I hope to gain from this internship a deeper connection to the land, a greater appreciation for food, community and new friends, as well as the experience and confidence to be able to grow my own food. I’ve also always had an interest in soil, and it would be fascinating to learn more. I would really love to just soak up everything!


The reason people work is simple – to live. And what do we need to live? Food.

I have never been inquisitive about the origins of the food or its production process. My experience volunteering at Loutet Farm since 2020 changed my perspective. Participants found contentment in nature and social interaction even with simple tasks like pulling weeds. This made me realize the importance of slowing down and appreciating life’s simple things. In our fast-paced society, we often miss out on gaining life experience while pursuing work experience. Growing vegetables or plants, it may take you a whole year to gain just one valuable experience reflecting the original organic way of human life. I am highly motivated to gain practical experience and develop my skills further this year. I guarantee you can experience all the laughter, love, and life on this farm.


After moving to the North Shore earlier this year, I was looking for opportunities to learn more about farming, gardening, and growing my own food as it felt like too much to teach myself. When I discovered the farm nearby, I was immediately drawn to it and felt that the internship would be an amazing way to learn. I’ve already gained so much from the experience, and I’m excited to see the full growing season from start to finish. Seeing and understanding all that goes into growing food is inspiring and feels like essential knowledge to have gained. It’s truly such a fun and enriching environment to be a part of and I feel lucky to have found it! 

Returning Interns:


As a manager of a local not-for-profit organization, I understand the impact volunteerism makes within a community. When I discovered a local urban farm right at my doorstep, I leapt at the opportunity to be in community with like minded individuals, while tending to the Earth. 

Over the last 1.5 seasons, I  have been so inspired by the production volume that this little piece of land produces. From soil prep, to seeding, to transplanting, pruning, and harvest; seeing the lineups of hopeful community members wrapped around the block every Saturday morning eagerly awaiting fresh produce, makes all the hard work worth while. I believe if every community had a small farm like Loutet, we would all be much happier, healthier, and connected to our food and one another. Loutet farm is proof great things come in small packages and I’m so grateful to be a part of such an impactful initiative


This is my fourth season as an intern of sorts. Over the years my role has organically grown based on my close proximity to the farm and my natural proclivity for weekend watering, leading farm tours, hosting Arts in the Garden (three years in a row!) and sometimes playing music at the Saturday market. 

Over the years, as if by osmosis, I’ve also slowly absorbed a familiar sensibility around the growing of food and stewarding of land, which has increased my ability to cultivate my own humble food and flower garden.

My latest endeavor is Art Farmers, a drop in ‘life drawing’ class held over four Sundays this summer. (See newsletter!)



I was interested in interning with the EGP last year (2023) because I had been wanting to learn how to garden / farm but had felt a bit overwhelmed by all the details required for gardening, especially with multiple types of plants, pests, soil quality, sun exposure… I ended up loving the experience last year and decided to come back for another year of interning. This year I hope to continue solidifying and adding to my knowledge about different food crops and native plants to this area, spend time with a very friendly community, spend time outdoors and moving my body, and contributing to such a wonderful community farm. The Edible Garden Project has far exceeded my expectations as a community organization and source of knowledge. 



Maria Watson is doing a second internship at Loutet because last year’s was so full of good things that recharge her battery: spending time outdoors, physical activity, learning by doing, contributing to something bigger, and laughing a lot with generous and interesting new people. When you go from planting seeds in March, to transplanting, weeding, watering, staking/pruning and finally harvesting a tomato 5 months later, it’s amazingly delicious!! This is a very special community.



Mackenzie is back for a second year as an intern. She thinks it’s amazing to have a farm producing (a LOT of) food right in the middle of North Vancouver, and likes watching the program build community through the sharing gardens, farmers market and school programs. But being an intern is even more fun! The plants grow quickly, and many hands make light work, so it’s rewarding to see what happens each week. The conversation and delicious veggies are a bonus.




Ell came back for a second year at Loutet because she loves many things — the sense of community; the slow and rewarding process from planting to weeding to harvesting; the excuse to be covered in dirt once a week; the mustard greens and turnips; learning new skills; good conversations; and the garlic.