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IMG_3870Kim recently joined the EGP Farm team, working as a Farmer with Holly.

I discovered my passion for all things plants, growing and farming while taking the practicum in sustainable agriculture at UBC in 2012. My favourite part about that internship was becoming so connected to the seasons and realizing that farming is a lifetime of learning.
I’m excited to work at the EGP because I can farm in the city! I love the community supporting the farm and enjoy all the daily interactions with everyone involved. It’s a special place!¬†Growing food in the city is important because it gives people direct access to the product as well as an introduction to what it takes to grow food. It gives people a fuller picture into the hard work and space it takes to make that happen. It also gives people a greater sense of connection to their food when they see it growing and opens their minds to investigating/supporting other local food sources in their communities.
My favourite vegetable is cauliflower ! Roasted with a bit of curry powder and lemon – yum!