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Wow – I must say, it is hard to believe a few months have passed since we wrote about our seedling area at Maplewood Farm.


Tomato and cucumber seedlings going strong!

Now our growing season is in full swing and much of it is due to the early start we get by using the greenhouse at Maplewood Farm.  The farm is actually a park under the protection of the District of North Vancouver and, quoting from their website, “strives to give customers a truly rural experience in [an] ever-expanding urban area”.

In addition to over 200 domestic animals and birds that call the farm home, the Edible Garden Project grows all of our seedlings for the farm and for Spring seedlings sales and fills the greenhouse with tasty veggies.

Thanks to the generous support and partnership of Maplewood Farm and the District of North Vancouver, we’ve already got some peas growing in the greenhouse which are around three feet tall!  We’ve also got a wonderful selection of seedlings which we have been selling like hotcakes at our weekly farm gate sales.


A rainbow of seedlings available for your garden!

This week we will be potting up many of our peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and flowers for the upcoming crop of summer seedlings.  We hope that you local gardeners will have lots of fun growing the wonderful varieties we have on offer this year.

Seedlings will be available for sale at Loutet Farm on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm and a selection will be available at Maplewood Farm as well.

Once our seedlings move out of the greenhouse and into your garden, another transformation will begin.  We will take down our propagation tents and plant tomatoes, cucumbers and melons in the brand new planters that were built this year.

Check back soon for a late Spring/early Summer update from Maplewood Farm!