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I’ve got a few new gardening tips this week for you all.

Number 1: How to harvest basil

Pick the top-most leaves and buds (especially if they are beginning to flower!), making sure to leave two side-shoots farther down the stem. Basil grows best this way because it will continue to grow and become bushy.

basil1 basil 2


Number 2: Conserving water for veggies

Mulch your vegetable beds right now to conserve water! The mulch keeps the soil moist longer.

*Remember, watering 2-3 times heavily during the week is better than watering lightly every day.

Examples of mulch include, but are not limited to, compost, composted manure, newspaper, grass clippings, straw, shredded or chipped bark, and shredded leaves.


Number 3: Getting rid of powdery mildew on squash

Powdery mildew comes to visit our squash every year and if we don’t catch it quick it refuses to leave! The trick is to notice it early, cut off the stem/leaves that have it, and spray the rest of the unaffected stems/leaves with a mixture of milk and water.

powderymildewsquash1 downy-mildew