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This week I wanted to focus on some of the garden tips and tricks that I’ve learned in the past two weeks that I thought would be cool to share!

First, planting carrots with burlap:

  1. Plant carrot seeds
  2. Cover the planted soil with burlap
  3. Soak with water (and continue watering normally)
  4. Remove the burlap after one week

burlapThe idea is that the burlap keeps the soil moist in the summer heat to promote carrot germination. These carrots are ready for winter harvest after a few months.




Second, curing garlic:

  • Harvest garlic (remove surface dirt lightly, leaving outer layers of stalk for drying—don’t peel down to the bulb!)
  • Tie into bundles and hang upside down in a shady place, with good ventilation for 2 week.

garlicLeslie and I hung at least 300 heads of garlic in bundles of 10 this past Tuesday under the porch of a generous EGP neighbour.