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Meet Kasha, the new summer intern and follow her adventures with the EGP this summer here on the EGP blog:


kashaMy name is Kasha and I am a student at UBC studying sustainable agriculture. My degree is a combination of my passion for the environment and my love of growing and eating food. Working with the Edible Garden Project this summer is such an incredible opportunity for me as I get to closely interact with my local North Vancouver community and food system, while gaining vast amounts of knowledge about gardening and non-profit organizations. That being said I am super excited to start my internship with the EGP and can’t wait to share my adventures along the way!

This first week has been a whirlwind of learning new things and meeting new people, and after spending just four days with Leslie I think I’ve already at least doubled my gardening knowledge—she knows so much! This week I visited the sharing gardens at Bridgeman, Whitchurch, Gloria Dei, Grant McNeil, Queen Mary, and Booth; and at each of the gardens I helped with suckering and tying tomatoes, planting winter seedlings, beets and carrots (with burlap!), weeding, and turning compost, to name a few things. I also tagged along to a couple workshops with Leslie and took the electric bike out for a spin to water the gardens at Queen Mary.

I’m really looking forward to the weeks to come and the knowledge I’ll continue to gain here at the EGP.

Until next week!

– Kasha