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February 15 was the four year anniversary of the very first day of bed building at Loutet Farm. It is also the unofficial first “growing” day of the year, when enough sunlight has returned to the sky for plants to reliably photosynthesize and grow. Oh, and also: WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

We celebrated by engaging in some ‘spring cleaning’ in our first of many community workbees for the 2015 season. There appears to be lawn growing where we normally plant our veggies at Loutet. A result of the especially mild winter – it looks like this grass has been thriving all through the dark months, instead of being knocked back like it normally would. A huge thanks to all the hardy folks who came out and dug in, and shared in what was a truly gorgeous day on the Farm!

Happy Birthday Loutet! Here’s to many more.

2015-02-15 11.33.02