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I can’t believe that the summer is already coming to an end and my last day with the EGP has arrived. The past eleven weeks were amazing and I have learned so much from everyone that I have gotten the chance to meet. The EGP is an astonishing organization that does so much in the community. I am honoured to have gotten the opportunity to work with them this summer!

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Some of my favourite memories have been picking up and distributing produce on Saturday’s, riding around the city with the electric bike and trailer, harvesting at Queen Mary Elementary and Bridgman with groups of wonderful volunteers, square dancing at the volunteer appreciation party, having conversations with people at the Food Hub, and helping on the farm on Fridays. I have also loved getting to work outside all summer and watching the gardens change from week to week.

I have learned so many gardening skills such as seed saving, natural pest deterrents, and succession planting, that I have and will be applying to my own garden. I have gained knowledge on local food systems and urban farming in a fun and experiential way and I have made memories that will last a life time!

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My internship my be over but my involvement with the EGP is not. I hope to continue attending the volunteer events because the EGP  and everyone involved is something special that I want to continue being a part of.

Thanks to everyone who made my internship this summer as amazing as it was!