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Three Back-to-Back workshops at Maplewood Farm on Saturday, May 29th. Call 604-990-3755 to register for these Free workshops.


Home-Grown Veggies: No-Fail Foods for First-Time Urban Farmers
Join North Shore Advanced Master Gardener Mike Nassichuk for an introduction to the tastiest and easiest vegetables to grow in your own yard. Nothing is better for the environment or your palate than a “zero mile diet”, and Mike will help you get started on your new foray into veggie gardening.


Soil: Building the Foundation for Healthy Gardens
Join Senga Lindsay, local organic gardening expert, to delve into the mysteries of soil. You’ll learn how keeping your soil healthy will result in pest-resistant and bountiful gardens, and the tricks and tips to make it happen in your own yard.


Natural Lawn Care: Tips and Tricks
Join Catherine Dale, certified organic land care expert, to learn the basics of caring for your lawn naturally. This hands-on workshop is your chance to discover the tips and tricks of natural lawn care and try out some helpful tools.

These GardenSmart workshops are free, but registration is required. Please call 604-990-3755 to register today!