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This fresh sheet is for our Saturday market and our Wednesday market next week, unless otherwise noted.
*Please note that some items are available in a limited quantity*

– Salad mix
– Salad turnips
– Beets
– Radish
– Carrots (limited)
– Chard
– Kale (limited)
– Escarole
– Fennel
– Kohlrabi
– Scallions
– Zukes
– Cukes
– Tomatoes
– Eggplant
– Padron peppers
– Garlic (limited)
– Leeks!
– Red kuri squash (limited!)

Market Vendors for Saturday September 16th

Lorna’s Garden Veggies

Local grower offering a variety of fresh produce grown in her yard, including garlic, seasonal vegetables, and fruit. Herbs – Potted or fresh cuts, and vegetable seedings available throughout the season, including Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers.


Local Flora

Local Flora is a North Vancouver based, small scale cut flower grower and florist. Local is the focus in all our work meaning all flowers used are grown either here in North Vancouver or from fellow small scale growers in the lower mainland. We offer bouquet subscriptions, wedding and event flowers and weekly bouquets through select retailers.

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Goodness Grows

Goodness Grows Micro Farm is a North Vancouver backyard and indoor garden, growing food and flowers with the health of people, our earth, and the community in mind. Produce includes microgreens, fresh and dried flowers, seedlings, and seasonal herbs and vegetables. 




The Rhizome Youth Growing Mentorship is a project of the Edible Garden Project where youth have been learning all about growing food, garden and crop maintenance, ecosystem restoration, and job skills. This week they will be coming to market with a delicious range of vegetables and herb bundles, as well as these very sweet hand printed garlic storage bags made from upcycled materials for you to store your Loutet Farm garlic!



Bad Dog Bread

Artisan bakery selling naturally leavened breads and pastries, made with freshly milled BC flour.

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Regina Salomon

Carnivorous plant aficionado


The Baking Gorillas

Welcome to The Baking Gorillas Bakery, a 100% vegan bakery that offers a delicious range of baked goods that are entirely free from animal products. Our mission is to provide high-quality and tasty treats to everyone, whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or have dietary restrictions. All of our products are made with the finest plant-based ingredients.

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Cookies & Company


Cookies & Company was born out of Allison’s love of baking. After spending years sharing her baking with family and friends, Allison finally took the plunge and started her business in February 2019. The menu was always going to be cookie focused, but the “& Company” left the door wide open for all the goodies that keep company with cookies – like biscotti, blondies, brownies, squares, muffins, and scones – and even dog treats! Allison is looking forward to bringing her tasty treats to the Loutet Farm Community Market!

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Empanada Gal

Inspired by Guatemalan cuisine, we carefully crafted and with delicious ingredients, our empanadas are what defines our amazing menu. They are indulged with flavor and customized to deliver a variety of options! Empanada Gal goes above and beyond! From Guatemalan Tamales, to our hand-crafted dipping sauces, we evolve and customize our selection to celebrate special occasions and holidays!

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Elite Soup

At Elite soup, we are passionate about making healthier, more delicious and quick meals a possibility to fit busy schedules. All our products are proudly made in North Vancouver and are vegan and low sodium. We offer gluten-free options and all our products are made without any use of preservatives.

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Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian snack originating from the 8th century BC. Our team is composed of members who have a Georgian background and grew up eating Churchkhela. Churchkhela is made with only fruits, nuts and flour making it a snack for all ages to enjoy guilt free. Churchkhela is completely free of any preservatives or added sugars.

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Nectaro is a small Vancouver-based company producing 100% natural ginger extracts. It is a cold-pressed ginger extract mixed with different fruit and vegetable extracts. Our product is unique by not containing any preservatives or artificial colors, but raw ingredients only. Ginger extract is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. From leftover pulp produced while making ginger extract, we create flavourful tea blends. We also make handcrafted fruit rolls/leathers. A delicious and healthy snack for children and adults made exclusively from local fruits and nothing else.

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Mr Tube Steak

Since 1988, Mr Tube Steak has been serving up delicious all beef hotdogs and handmade jumbo smokies at events all over the lower mainland.

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The Buzz Coffee

Espresso based drinks, organic smoothies and shakes when and where you need them.  Any time, any place. Serving the film industry since 2001. You can check out their menu at their website below. 



Humblebee Meadery

We make mead, alcohol from fermented honey! However, unlike more traditional wine styles of mead, we make all of ours more like craft beer and cider. They are all 5.5% abv., lightly carbonated, and much drier than you might expect. We are trying to bring mead back to the table with a modern twist.

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Carla Simple Living

A natural fibres artist, inspired by the ocean, sunny days, and warm sands. I use natural fibres, unpolished wood beads, and driftwood for my creations.

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Victoria Yahara Studio

Original hand-carved botanical linocut prints inspired by the symbolic Victorian Language of Flowers.

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Two Potters

Small batch pottery made locally in North Vancouver.



Isobel’s Card Company

Isobel’s Card Co. is your place to find sustainable watercolour greeting cards. Locally made, Isobel paints each design by hand and offers ready made printed cards or custom made cards, invitations and paintings. Designs are inspired by nature and therefore are not packaged in plastic.

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Adelé & Joy

I am Nicole, I am a Fashion/Jewelry designer in Vancouver, BC. I am passionate about making vibrant accessories that will bring joy and fun for the wearer! I design one of a kind pieces for any occasion!

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Hobby Crafter

Hobby Crafter is keeping the art of knitting, crocheting, and sewing alive, hoping to encourage others to pick up the same hobby. She sells crafted textiles – all useful items for the home.


Sandra Mason

Handmade clothing in linen and cotton.


Almeida Illustrations

With delicate art that empowers, delights and warms the soul, we strive to create art that celebrates the moments of life, however big or small.

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Moonseed Herbals

Moonseed Herbal products are made in small batches from ethically harvested and organically grown medicinal herbs. Current offerings include salves crafted to offer support and nourishment to different body systems as well as room sprays and perfumes made with all natural ingredients.

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The Local Co.

The Local Co. is a North Vancouver based small business that specializes in handcrafted, functional art using high quality and locally sourced materials. Each piece is crafted with care and precision to create truly unique pieces for your home. 

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Falling Leaf Feather Goods

Hi! My name is Chris, and I run Falling Leaf Leather Goods, an artisan leather goods shop with a focus on quality and craftmanship. Using excellent leather and handcraft techniques, I create unique designs with a luxurious look and feel. Come shop for compact and classic wallets, leather earrings, keychains, leather art, custom orders, and more!



Local North Shore maker with an ever-expanding selection of 3d printed toys, trinkets, decorations, gadgets, repairs, and a universe of unexplored potential.


Bob the Dog

We specialize in providing a variety of human grade, homemade pet treats, as well as handmade leashes and other accessories. We take pride in the quality and integrity of our products because we’ll settle for nothing but the best for Bob the Dog. That’s what we promise to pass on to our customers!

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We are an organic solutions business that focuses on root system and soil health.

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