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This fresh sheet is for our Saturday market and our Wednesday market next week, unless otherwise noted.
*Please note that some items are available in a limited quantity*

– Salad Mix
– Salad Turnips
– Butterhead Lettuce (limited, just Saturday)
– Carrots
– Beets
– Beet Greens
– Fennel
– Zucchini
– Cucumber
– Flowers

Market Vendors for Saturday July 15th

Local Flora

Local Flora is a North Vancouver based, small scale cut flower grower and florist. Local is the focus in all our work meaning all flowers used are grown either here in North Vancouver or from fellow small scale growers in the lower mainland. We offer bouquet subscriptions, wedding and event flowers and weekly bouquets through select retailers.

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Bloem & Wild

Bloem & Wild, brings you our own garden flowers, herbs and wildflowers in jars, tied bouquets and posies. This week we’re featuring our Bee Mix Dahlias plants. Watch for our flower bike at the market!  Ding ding! 

Every flower tells a story! 



Bad Dog Bread

Artisan bakery selling naturally leavened breads and pastries, made with freshly milled BC flour.

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Craft Mountain Bakery

Craft Mountain Bakery offers small batch, handcrafted baked goods, including german pretzelbuns, red wine cake, and vegan brownies.

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Empanada Gal

Inspired by Guatemalan cuisine, we carefully crafted and with delicious ingredients, our empanadas are what defines our amazing menu. They are indulged with flavor and customized to deliver a variety of options! Empanada Gal goes above and beyond! From Guatemalan Tamales, to our hand-crafted dipping sauces, we evolve and customize our selection to celebrate special occasions and holidays!

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Humblebee Meadery

We make mead, alcohol from fermented honey! However, unlike more traditional wine styles of mead, we make all of ours more like craft beer and cider. They are all 5.5% abv., lightly carbonated, and much drier than you might expect. We are trying to bring mead back to the table with a modern twist.

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Carla Simple Living

A natural fibres artist, inspired by the ocean, sunny days, and warm sands. I use natural fibres, unpolished wood beads, and driftwood for my creations.

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Two Potters

Small batch pottery made locally in North Vancouver.



Agrios Woodwork

Agrios Woodwork creates unique handmade wood articles for the kitchen and for entertaining. I use hardwood sourced from sustainable forests as well as recycled wood sourced locally. My products include cutting and chopping boards, charcuterie boards, bowls, spoons as well as custom jewellery and keepsake boxes. I am a local artisan with a wood shop located a few steps away from Loutet Farm.



Almeida Illustrations

With delicate art that empowers, delights and warms the soul, we strive to create art that celebrates the moments of life, however big or small.

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Moonseed Herbals

Moonseed Herbal products are made in small batches from ethically harvested and organically grown medicinal herbs. Current offerings include salve and tincture blends crafted to offer support and nourishment to different body systems as well as room sprays and perfumes made with all natural ingredients.

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Sandra Mason

Handmade clothing in linen and cotton


The Local Co.

The Local Co. is a North Vancouver based small business that specializes in handcrafted, functional art using high quality and locally sourced materials. We create beautiful one of a kind wood and plant creations for your home. We offer a range of wood products using ethically and locally sourced materials including serving boards, wall art pieces, planter boxes, coasters, and more. We also create dried flower ornaments and pressed plant cards using plants we have grown in our garden.