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We are super excited to announce Farm Camp Summer 2024! With both half and full day options, Farm Camp will be full of hands on learning, exploration, connection to nature, and fun!

Farm Camp will be taking place at Loutet Farm, but we will also be visiting the ravine and wooded area surrounding the farm, as well as the nearby gardens of some of our farm friends to see how things grow in different places. We’ll be playing games, planting seeds, trying our hand at farm work, making art, telling stories, visiting our honey bees, harvesting veggies, foraging for farm tea, getting our hands in the dirt, and of course snacking!

When: 12 – 16 August, 2024
Time: 9am – 12pm OR 9am – 4pm
Where: Loutet Farm @ 1400 Rufus Ave, North Vancouver
Who: 7 – 11 year olds
Cost: Sliding scale, $150 – 300 (see below for details)
Registration closes end of day July 31st




Sliding Scale Info
We believe that you know your financial situation best, so this decision is entirely up to you with no need to provide proof of income. We want to remove barriers to attending where we can, so this is an entirely judgement free zone!
Our sliding scale is based on the three minerals needed for healthy soil, all as important as each other. It is also based on the work of Alexis J Cunningfolk and Britt Hawthorne.
Clay – $200 half days / $400 full days
Our family
– Has access to savings
– Owns our home or rents in a higher rent bracket
– Is employed with access to good benefits and health insurance
– Has our own transport or can easily use transit
– Is able to meet all of our basic needs
– Can take regular vacations
– Is able to purchase items new whenever needed
Silt – $150 half days/ $300 full days
Our family
– Sometimes has access to savings
– Rents a mid-range housing
– Is employed
– Has access to regular and reliable transport
– Experiences some financial stress, but is able to meet our basic needs
– Is able to take vacations sometimes, but it is a stretch financially
– Can buy some things new and others secondhand
Sand – $100 half days / $200 full days
Our family
– Does not have access to savings
– Rents lower income housing, or does not have secure housing
– Is underemployed or unemployed
– Does not have access to regular or reliable transport
– Experiences financial stress often and finds it hard to meet our basic needs
– Cannot afford to take vacations
– Rarely buys new things as we have little extra income