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It has been exactly 2 months since my Education Coordinator position started and I have already learned so much! I’m happy to say that I have experienced the wonderful community that surrounds EGP at events like Seedy Saturday, and I can already tell that this growing season is going to be amazing.

The current Edible Garden Education Program (EGEP) involves Cleveland, Queen Mary, Highlands and Brooksbank Elementary schools, that have incredible groups of teachers and students. The students have been working hard at cleaning up their garden beds, planting radish and pea seeds, starting indoor flower seeds, making garden bed signs and learning about seed cycles.

Pictures: (Top) Edie and Aline, EGEP volunteers, holding up garden bed signs Highlands students made. (Bottom) Edie setting up a mini cloche with students.


Here is a picture of dinosaur kale, red Russian kale and purple broccoli, freshly harvested from Queen Mary garden beds.

Sutherland Secondary, with Cynthia Bunbury and the Garden Club, have also done a lot of bed prep in the Sutherland Market Garden space. The seeds we started in early March have come such a long way, and soon they will be transplanted in the beds. Some of their bed themes include Rainbow Unicorn, Scratch and Sniff and Roots and Shoots.

In April, Holy Trinity Elementary will also join EGEP and we are looking forward to seeing the new school garden setup with Kevin Smith. If you are interested in bringing this program to your school or conducting a field trip to Loutet Farm, please email I look forward to sharing pictures of school garden progress with you on Instagram and Facebook. Until then, happy growing!