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GardenSmart Workshop: Aquaponics

When: Saturday, November 10th- 1pm-4pm
Where: Anchor Room, John Braithwaite Community Centre
Cost: $5
Registration Required, please phone: 604-990-3755


We’re hosting a very exciting Aquaponics workshop this Saturday November 10th, 1pm-4pm, with Ryan Dale. Ryan has been designing and installing aquaponics systems with Growing Power for the last three years.

Aquaponics systems link growing vegetables with fish ponds (or tanks) by filtering nutrient rich water through the plants’ root systems, and cycling that water back to the fish. In this workshop we will discuss the truth about aquaponics and applying the polyculture system of fish and plants for small and medium scale production. Topics will include: designing, building and maintaining aquaponic systems, fish/plant health and water quality.

This workshop will cover the reality, practicality, and integration of aquaponics systems. We will discuss fish and plant healthy, aquaponics system design, and system maintenance. There will also be lots of time for questions and answers! 




Read Ryan Dale’s bio here.