School Programs

Fed-UpRoundLearning seed to soil cycles in school

We’re bringing students from kindergarten to grade 12 out of the classroom and into the garden to learn the cycles of food production from seed to soil. Our students grow food, harvest it, prepare it, and enjoy it!

Our students love kale. They watch ladybugs track aphids during recess, and look forward to measuring the growth rate of garlic each month. Students get their hands dirty in each step of the process; choosing the vegetables they grow, sowing the seeds, maintaining the plots (with the help of amazing volunteers) and picking the fruits of their labour.

At Your School

We want to offer Fed Up at your school! Contact us to learn more about the program or make an appointment for a presentation to your staff or Parent Advisory Committee.

Farm Visits

If your school already has a garden program or does not have the capacity to commit to Fed Up right now, Loutet Farm visits are a great alternative. We also welcome summer camps, and clubs! Contact us to learn more.


We love to have extra hands helping when there are children learning in our gardens or farms. Small groups led by volunteers mean that students learn and experience more! We offer training and fun times teaching in the gardens – learn more! 

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