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Bring your teaching to life in a school garden

Schoolyard gardens can be incredible resources and learning spaces for children of all ages, but using them in your weekly routines or to meet specific learning outcomes can be challenging. We’ve put together the following resources to help you:

Monthly Activities

A collection of simple to use, fun, and educational activities and support resources that we’ve tried and tested.

School Garden 101

Use these resource to develop your “green thumb”! Increase your comfort and knowledge in the garden, and keep it healthy.

Lesson Plans

Use, adapt, or take inspiration from these resources from these fantastic local, national, and international organizations’ lesson plans.

Videos & Books


Life Labs School Garden Lessons Videos – Collection of videos demonstrating “back pocket activities” that can be done out in the school garden.



Omnivore’s Dilemma (Young Readers Edition) – A must read book describing North America’s industrial food system.

How to Start a Schoolyard Market Garden

With support from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia we have put together this guide on how to start a Schoolyard Market Garden! Download it here.


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