Sharing the Bounty


Everyone Deserves to Fall in Love with Fresh Picked Produce

Sharing the Bounty is a community network that shares fresh local produce with people in need in our community.  We are increasing access to fresh local foods for community members and creating a sustainable community-based network around growing and sharing locally produced fruits and vegetables.

Over 6,000lbs of produce is collected from our Sharing Gardens, backyard veggie patches, and generous farmers at the Farmer’s Market for donation annually. It is distributed through the Harvest Project, Sage Women’s Safe House, Food Bank at the North Shore Neighbourhood House, and directly to social housing residents.

How We Share Fresh Veggies:

  1. The Sharing Gardens: Sharing Gardens are in back-yards, front-yards, rooftops, parks, and boulevards across the North Shore, and dedicated volunteers share their time to tend them through the seasons.
  2. The Lonsdale Quay Farmers’ Market Pick Up: Every Saturday afternoon Glen Valley Organic Farm donates the produce that didn’t sell and won’t last until their next market. We pick it up and deliver it to social housing residents in the neighbourhood.
  3. Produce Donation Stations: Anyone with a veggie patch can donate their extra produce to one of our Produce Donation Stations. We’ll make sure it gets to the Harvest Project.
  4. The Food Hub, Harvest Project, Sage Women’s Safe House, and social housing: All these organizations regularly receive our veggies, and make sure that they get to the people in our community that need them most.

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