Our Model

We are transforming front-yards, parks, boulevards, rooftops, and schoolyards across the North Shore into inspiring and active edible landscapes. We believe that everyone deserves to access good food with dignity, and to fall in love with fresh picked produce. We use food as a platform to transform community, address urban environmental, health, and social issues, and empower citizens of all ages to get their hands in the soil and learn to grow their own.

We are cultivating a network that grows and shares local food, and supports sustainable regional agriculture.

We grow and share fresh local produce with those most in need in our community. You can join one of our Sharing Gardens, learn how to grow organic veggies, and make a difference in the lives of thousands of North Shore residents that don’t have the means to access fresh healthy produce.

Join a community of enthusiastic people getting their hands in the soil, learning new skills, and making new friends. We have gardens of all sizes (100sq ft to 1/2acre) in many neighbourhoods on the North Shore – we probably have something growing near you.

We can help you grow your own! If you want to learn from local experts on a range of gardening topics, attend a GardenSmart Workshop. If you need to get your hands in the dirt to learn, join a volunteer session or workbee. Our resource page will help you find local suppliers of soil, compost, seedlings, and more.

We Share

Sharing Gardens grow fresh vegetables for those most in need in our community, we pick up produce at the end of weekly Farmer’s Markets, support garden plots in social housing, and inspire folks to grow an extra row to share from their own veggie patch. 6,200 lbs was shared in 2015!

We Farm

We operate a half acre social enterprise farm, Loutet Farm, on public park land, and a one-third acre Schoolyard Market Garden at Sutherland Secondary. We sell all the food we grow at Farm Gate Sales twice a week, host large volunteer groups, community potlucks, and the Farm to Feast dinner. We grew and sold $55,000 of our farm produce in 2015!

We Teach

People of all ages are excited to learn how to grow their own food, or to share what they know with us and the community. We teach in childcare centre gardens, elementary schools, and offer the GardenSmart Workshops series. We reach and learn with over 2000 children and adults annually.


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