Monthly Activities

Below are monthly lessons and other documents we use in many of our schools or recommend as extensions to lessons we teach out in the school garden.

September – “Discover the Garden”

October – Seed Saving & Garlic Planting

  • Garlic Measuring Sheet (PDF) – Use this table to record your monthly garlic growth and weave garden math into your curriculum.

November – “Putting Beds to Rest” – Mulching and Our Soil

  • Soil Treasure Hunt LP (PDF) – Explore different soils around the schoolyard and the concept of decomposition.
  • Soil Temp & Leaves LP (PDF) – Explore the affect of leaves on soil temperature.
  • Erosion & Soil (video) – This video explains an easy to do lesson with your students exploring soil and erosion.
  • If the Earth were an Apple.. (video) – Video demonstrating the importance of farmland and taking care of our soil.

January – Germination Experiments (indoors) & Food Miles

  • Bean Seed Germination Experiment (PDF) – Easy lesson to explore the concept of “germination” and observe the growth of a seed over time.
  • How Does a Seed Become Plant (PDF) – Explore the structure and growth of seeds over time.  Excellent handouts.
  • Food Miles Lessons (PDF) – This collection of lessons, created by the Falls Brook Centre, help students explore where their food comes from.

February – Seed Starting & Planting

March – Composting & Planting

  • Worm Bin Bingo – Amazing set of compost bingo cards to be used while looking through fresh compost.
  • Compost In a Bag LP (PDF) – Easy to do activity with kids demonstrating what decomposes and the decomposition process.
  • Compost Chefs LP (PDF) – Discover the best “ingredients” for composting through this hands-on composting lesson.
  • Worms 101 (PDF) – Observe the work of compost worms (red wigglers) over time.
  • Compost Worms Fact Sheet (PDF) – Fun facts about our compost worm friends.

April – Seeds & Planting

May – Pollinators & Bugs

  • Pollinator Curriculum (PDF) – Extensive curriculum about bees and other pollinators with lesson plans and handouts geared for grades 3-6.
  • Pollination Games – Two excellent pollination activities to do with younger students.
  • The Bug Book – Excellent resource to help identify good and bad bugs in the garden.
  • Bug Out Curriculum – Excellent series of lessons exploring bug structure and life cycles.

June – Celebrate

  • links and PDFs coming soon
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