Our Farms


Our community farms grow healthy fresh produce! More than just farms, these beautiful, productive spaces are also gathering places and host a multitude of community events, workshops, and social gatherings each season. Come and visit us!

Building a Plant to Plate Food System for the North Shore: Employing underutilized public parkland provided by the City of North Vancouver, Loutet Farm operates as an economically viable urban farm within a residential area. Funds generated through the sale of the produce are directed back into the operations of the farm while creating valuable green-collar jobs for north shore residents. In addition, the farm offers a range of courses centered on sustainable food production for both adults and children.

The Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden reimagines the use of school property. A “sister farm” to Loutet Farm, the Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden expands our model of an economically viable urban farm and the incredible educational opportunities of being on school owned land.

Loutet Farm

Loutet Farm was established in 2011 on City of North Vancouver public park land. Today is it a thriving community hub and growing social enterprise. We sell all our produce at Farm Gate Sales twice a week from May through October, host many community events, and provide leaning ground for thousands of children and adults each year. Learn more about Loutet Farm…

Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden

The North Shore has limited space for urban farming – we need our parks, playing fields, and green-spaces too. However, many of the North Shore’s secondary schools have large swaths of un-used lawns. One teacher from Sutherland Secondary was inspired by our work at Loutet Farm, and sparked a new relationship for us with the North Vancouver School District.

In March of 2015 we established at 1/3 acre Schoolyard Market Garden and Outdoor Classroom at Sutherland Secondary. Many other schools are interested in replicating the model on their land, and we hope to grow with them, inspire thousands of students, and expand our social enterprise over the coming years.

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