GardenSmart Workshop: Battling the Chafer Beetle

Battling the Chafer Beetle: Tactics & Tips for Lawn Renovation

The Chafer Beetle has lead to the destruction of many nice lawns across the lower mainland. If your yard has been torn up by this pesky pest or you’re worried that you’ll be hit this season, this workshop will teach you what to do. In this workshop you will learn:

  • more about the Chafer Beetle
  • how to renovate your lawn
  • how to prevent future Chafer Beetle infestations
  • how to turn your lawn into a production garden space

Instructor: Alex Kurnicki and Leslie Topness

Leslie Topness: Leslie is inspired by the current trend of people growing food everywhere, from guerilla gardening in alleyways to school gardens, in other people’s backyards and on city lots in temporary garden boxes. Her mission is to propagate and pollinate. For her, growing is not just about delicious food—it’s about growing rich relationships and a sense of place (connection to ourselves, to other people, to our health, to the land). Leslie brings a diverse background that includes teaching youth in school garden programs with Green Thumbs Growing Kids, starting her own backyard farm project in Toronto, and facilitating community garden spaces. Peas are her favourite veggie (the sprouts and tendrils, sweet anne snap peas, and purple shelling peas–she loves it in all its forms)!

Alex Kurnicki: Alex Kurnicki works with the City of North Vancouver as a Streetscape Planner which sees him overseeing the management of public spaces in the City; many of these spaces have been heavily impacted by the chafer beetle. He is also a registered Landscape Architect, gardener and beekeeper.

Registration: You can register here for this workshop. If you are unable to book online, you can call the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre to register: 604-990-3755