Food As Medicine Workshop

The Edible Garden Project is teaming up with Butterfly Naturopathic Medical Clinic to offer this amazing workshop through our GardenSmart workshop series! All proceeds go to support Edible Garden Project programming.

Purchase tickets here for only $8!

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Nourishing the mind, body and spirit with your local harvest

Join Naturopathic Doctors Fiona Smulders and Aaron Wong on a walk through Loutet farm to discover the medicinal value of locally grown produce. During this educational series, you will learn:
– How to get the most health benefits from foods you grow in your garden
– How to use local vegetables, fruits, herbs, and weeds as medicine to energize, boost immune function, enhance mental clarity, and balance hormone levels
– The importance of growing your own food and eating locally grown produce.

Instructors: Drs. Aaron Wong & Fiona Smulders.
Drs. Aaron Wong and Fiona Smulders practice at Butterfly Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Central Lonsdale. They are passionate educators on healthy eating, positive lifestyle changes, exploring mental-emotional belief systems, and strengthening one’s connection to nature. At Butterfly Naturopathic Medical Clinic, they combine the healing practices of traditional natural therapies with western medicine practices to provide holistic health care for their patients.