Haydn, Farm Coordinator

Haydn came to the garden via the kitchen. After 10 years working behind the scenes in restaurants, he stumbled into a job with the non-profit Lifecycles building raised vegetable gardens for people of low income, while teaching them the basics of home garden care. The transition from kitchen to field had begun as Haydn pursued all forms of informal hands-on education on small scale farms, market gardens, urban farms, and community gardens. Years of dumpster diving informed him about the severity of food waste,  while attending food banks revealed the inaccessibility of fresh produce to those in need. Filling this gap has been a focus of Haydn’s food production history. From initiating and creating Dawson City’s first community garden, to designing the PHS Hastings Urban Farm which trains and feeds marginalized members of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Community, he strives to connect people to their food source and feed healthy fresh produce to those who can’t afford the farmer’s market. He relates most to the pernicious weeds that reclaim and rebuild the depleted and devastated soils created by human disturbance. Their ability to find purchase and thrive in adversity is his fundamental source of botanical inspiration and education.

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