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2017 Volunteer Farm Internship

We’re looking for outstanding candidates for our volunteer internship program hosted at Loutet Farm and the Sutherland Schoolyard Market Garden. Please help spread the word to any who may be interested! DEADLINE: April 14, 2017!  Program details and application instructions are available in this PDF document. If you have any questions about the program or […]

Final 2016 market with a crew of wonderful volunteers!

Reflections at Season End from Farmer Kim!

Phew! What a season **brow wipe**! I joined the Edible Garden Project as Neighbourhood Farmer at the end of June and hit the ground running.  Farmer Holly had been doing a superwoman number on the farm and welcomed my support with open (and tired) arms. I got the fast track into what the Edible Garden […]

Loutet Winter Squash Seedling Varieties

Winter squash can take up a lot of space in the garden, but it can also make a substantial contribution to your fall harvest!  Allow at least two feet of space in all directions and expect significant vine spreading (with the exception of Tivoli Spaghetti and Bush Delicata varieties, which can be quite compact).  Give […]

Loutet Tomato Varieties!

Loutet Tomato Varieties!

This year we’ve gone bananas with our tomato seedlings!  We have so many varieties available, our neighbour Trixi had the wonderful suggestion to make this list available for anyone who wants to learn about their plant or decide what they want to grow before the market!   Most varieties are VINE or INDETERMINATE, which means they can grow […]


Maplewood Update!

Wow – I must say, it is hard to believe a few months have passed since we wrote about our seedling area at Maplewood Farm. Now our growing season is in full swing and much of it is due to the early start we get by using the greenhouse at Maplewood Farm.  The farm is actually […]

What Spring should look like in the tent!

Our Seedling Area at Maplewood Farm

Sometime last year, Leslie observed that there is an “invisible” element to some of what we do on the EGP farms.  A big one is our seedling and transplant production takes place at Maplewood Farm. For the last few years, we’ve partnered with Maplewood Farm to use their glass greenhouse for our Spring propagation area. […]


DIY Seedling area in the Office!

A practical post for all you DIY folks out there… allow me to present the EGP temporary office seeding area!  This came together in an afternoon when our regular seeding area was unavailable for a few weeks in January. If you’ve got a warm indoor area with lots of sun exposure, whether it be on […]