GardenSmart Workshops

Providing education around growing food, urban agriculture and the importance of local food.

Strong Roots provides hands-on learning opportunities throughout the season to help new gardeners learn how to grow food. The EGP (in partnership with the North Shore Recycling Program, and the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre) hosts a series of GardenSmart workshops lead by local experts that provide information on all things relating to growing food. Our education program is increasing people’s ability to enjoy local food all year round, creating a teaching and learning network around food, and is developing awareness around the importance and benefits of growing and sharing fresh local food.

In 2012 the EGP partnered in offering 18 GardenSmart workshops (only $5, and open to the public). In addition to these we offered many workshops for residents of social housing complexes, garden clubs and other community groups. We also offer ‘Fed Up’, a gardening / nutrition focused program for elementary school children at Queen Mary and Brooksbank Elementary Schools – we are looking to expand this program in 2013.

 Check out the 2013 GardenSmart Workshop Series! 

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