Our Impact

Everyone in our community should have the opportunity to fall in love with fresh picked produce.

We bring fresh local fruits and vegetables to the plates of low-income individuals and families


Most people consider the North Shore to be a wealthy community, but our high average incomes simply hide the poverty that does exist. We partner with the Harvest Project, Sage Women’s Safe House, local social housing, and other community partners to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community have access to fresh local produce. If you’ve never had to use a food bank or emergency meal program, you may not know what thousands of North Shore residents have come to expect: long line ups, very little selection of fresh fruits or vegetables, and highly processed and packaged foods. This is beginning to change, and the Edible Garden Project has been a leader in developing partnerships and empowering community members to supply high quality, nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables to those most in need in our community. We started small, but we’re growing – annually we grow and donate over 6,000lbs of fresh produce, which is available to over 1200 vulnerable residents each month.

We empower people of all ages with the skills and knowledge to grow their own

Donating and selling affordable produce is one way to support our community, but we know that when people get their hands in the soil we’re really making a difference in their lives. You can see it in the excitement, curiosity, and smiles of children, adults, and elders alike when they’re in the garden or at the farm. You can see it when knowledge is shared between generations amongst the raspberry canes. You can see it when a new gardener is bursting with pride with their recent edible successes, and the transformation over a season as their explorations develop a deep understanding of  the interconnectedness of our environment, food system, and personal health.

We transform spaces into vibrant & edible places

Starting with a simple backyard veggie patch, we have grown to over 5,000 square meters (~1.25 acres) of urban garden spaces. We have transformed yards, roof-tops, alleys, schoolyards, boulevards, abandoned spaces, and parks into edible landscapes and community hubs. When we activate the spaces around our homes, schools, and workplaces they become places where we like to gather, talk, share, and learn. Food has brought people together through the ages and across all cultures. These are the foundations of community – gathering and food. Our edible gardens bring these together, and are creating strong, vibrant, healthy community places across the North Shore. 


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