Intro to Backyard Beekeeping

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Curious about honey bees? Want a look inside an active hive? Interested in how to get started as a beekeeper?

In this 90 minute workshop we will introduce you to basic honey bee biology and behaviour and the benefit of bees to us and their role in our environment. We will discuss some of the challenges faced by bee and beekeeper; and cover what is involved in getting started with backyard beekeeping, including equipment and costs. We will go hands on, opening and inspecting a hive where you will see bees in action, along with examples of a hive setup, tools, honeycomb, pollen, propolis and of course honey!

About the Instructor:

Stephanie is a North Shore urban homesteader with almost 10 years of beekeeping experience. In that time, she has been an active volunteer, mentor, educator, and member and administrator with 2 local beekeeping clubs. She is happy to share her familiarity of beginner pitfalls, local challenges and our local beekeeping community and resources.


Please be aware that this workshop will be hosted in the outdoors, in an active apiary, and that we will be opening and inspecting a hive together. Please wear weather appropriate clothing and long pants if you wish to get close to the hive. Be aware that opening the hive will be weather dependant.