Lisa, Executive Director

Lisa has lived on the North Shore for her entire life. She is a mother and active member of the community. lisa has been working in childcare since 1988 and has been with the North Shore Neighbourhood House since 1990. She holds her certificate in Early Childhood Education from Capilano College as well as her Special Needs Certificate. Lisa started as a special needs assistant in the childcare program, then moved to Manager of Care, then Director of Childcare, and eventually moved to her current role as Executive Director of the North Shore Neighbourhood House. Lisa feels honored to work for an organization that supports families and their members. Empowering families to recognize their value continues to fuel her commitment. She believes that building strong families results in a stronger community.


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  1. Jane Sherrott August 7, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    Good afternoon, we continue along as a gardening group at the Seniors’ Centre after you started this great garden. We have 70 participants these days and are a happy bunch. We’ve added five new beds to the two EGP started with us last year. We want to mulch our beds with straw, but I can only find suppliers quite a long drive away. Are you by chance bringing in hay or mulch for your beds? If you are, might we be able to add a bale or two to your order for us to save the large transportation miles we’d face? Many thanks for your consideration, Jane

  2. Nader September 9, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

    Hi Lisa,

    I have been following the work done at UBC Farm as a living lab for sustainable food production. One of the topics that has sparked an interest is the idea of cooperative farming with respect to land utilization and product sales and distribution.

    The relation between UBC Farm and Faculty of Land and Food Systems presents a number of benefits to the aspiring farmers as well as seasoned participants with respect to methodologies and raw material. It can also act as a fulcrum for sales and distribution of products to the larger (institutional) customers such as Coastal Health, Education, etc. which provide an opportunity for a more stable and long term commitment to the participating farmers. The benefits may be extended to financing, where young farmers with limited opportunities can gain access to start up funds as members of this collective group with good prospects for success

    With respect to future generations, UBC Farm is actively promoting events and camps under their Children’s Program which could and should be extended to other farms around BC and beyond. They also setup, promote and carryout workshops on related topics. The idea behind cooperative farming would be conducive towards expanding these programs.

    Reading through some of the material on EGP website, it seems as if your organization is involved with similar programs and follows comparable ideals. I am curious to know if you are interested to engage in the above effort and help bring willing parties together to expand on the idea of cooperative farming.

    Eagerly awaiting your response

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