Jason, Education Coordinator

After teaching for many years in the States, Jason immigrated to Vancouver with his wife in 2009. Now, he’s father to two kids, and many plants. In his first full season as the EGP’s Education Coordinator, Jason Mertz has been having a blast with the kids in the gardens and on the farm. “I love getting kids out into the gardens and to see their reactions. To plant that seed of future gardeners/farmers is just exciting. I’m learning that teachers are as excited and learning just as much as the kids.  The administration is excited, the parents are excited and volunteering. It’s great to see.

For 2014, Jason hopes to build on the success of the last year and continue streamlining and refining the Fed Up program to allow for further expansion.  In addition, he hopes to make EGP events even more kid-focused and friendly – turning every farm visit into an educational opportunity.  Mostly though, he just wants to keep getting kids out into the dirt and excited about food and farming.  “I love seeing the kids eat kale and love it- they stuff it in their faces like it was the greatest thing ever– it’s just awesome.  It gets me every time.”


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  1. Pamela January 25, 2015 at 6:25 pm #

    Hi Jason.

    I seem to be having issues accessing information through the website (404 error message).
    I wonder if you can send an email with more information as to what’s involved in the education section for 2015.
    I am simply researching (independent) various garden clubs and entry level affordable workshops/training.
    I’ve looked into Master Gardeners, UBC, Cap University, Burnaby Continuing Education.

    If you have other ideas, links please share:)

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