Carly, Farm Hand

Carly spent most of Covid finally wwoofing after learning about World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms back in 2011 after the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster. With a calling to serve the people who have toiled the land she gladly took the step during the pandemic to begin by serving the farmers of this land first. Growing up in lower socioeconomic area with great diversity has been of much benefit to an ever increasing understanding of the dynamics of culture, food, human rights and status relations. Her passion has led her to volunteering with organizations such as Liberty in North Korea and Vancouver based Charity First Steps which provides organic Canadian soy supplements to orphanages in North Korea. Since beginning to host international students and workers, Carly has been privileged with the opportunity to walk alongside friends facing the obstacles which many international workers and especially those immigrating face, all with the mindset that one day she will be in the same shoes in Asia.

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