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queen mary sharing gardeners weighing the produce; they had many record-breaking weeks with 80 lbs plus.

a labrinth of questions: season’s end reflections on sharing the bounty

Sometimes asking a lot of questions feels like wandering. I love those questions that don’t have immediate answers. Or when you are deep in a questioning mood and the answers that seem so certain at first, shift in new light. Sometimes my questions loop around in tangles–not a path to clarity it seems, or sometimes they […]


We Need Perennial Plants

we need perennial plants:  We are re-establishing the food forest at Queen Mary Community Garden (it’s an urban orchard based on a permaculture design with edible weeds, herbs, medicinal plants and fruiting shrubs and trees). We could use your self-seeded perennials, extra seedlings and divisions.   Please drop them off, potted and labeled, the week […]


The Multi-Herb Culture Garden

By Emily Jubenvill Food is an obvious way to bring people from different countries and cultures together to build relationships and community, and this year we are translating that into a garden project – the Multi-Herb Culture Garden. With funding from the Vancouver Foundation, this multicultural herb garden at the Queen Mary Community Garden will bring […]