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And the award goes to….

Leslie! On May 4th the City of North Vancouver hosted its annual celebration for the City’s Youth Awards. “The Civic Youth Awards Program recognizes youth between the ages of 10-24 years for noteworthy achievements and contributions to the community.” This year Leslie, the EGP’s Community Coordinator, won the Outstanding Supporter of Youth Award. Here is […]

a labrinth of questions: season’s end reflections on sharing the bounty

Sometimes asking a lot of questions feels like wandering. I love those questions that don’t have immediate answers. Or when you are deep in a questioning mood and the answers that seem so certain at first, shift in new light. Sometimes my questions loop around in tangles–not a path to clarity it seems, or sometimes they […]


Well, this is my last blog post of the summer. The past two months have been an amazing experience for me; all the staff and volunteers at the EGP made me feel so welcome and I’m sad to be leaving so soon. I could stay forever! I have had the privilege of learning how to […]


This week I was on my own working in the gardens and in the office, but I still managed to learn plenty of new gardening tips! One was from Jill, the school garden coordinator. As you probably already know, the three main nutrients for healthy plant growth are Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), and Phosphorous (P). […]