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Seedy Saturday Highlights: an exciting season kickoff

  Just want to share some brief highlights from our recent seedy event. Thanks to all the folks who volunteered to make it extraordinary. Couldn’t be more pleased than to start the season thinking about gardens from an indigenous perspective: Senaqwila shared stories and experience to a captivated room. Senaqwila is the third generation in her […]

Young Hockey Players at Queen Mary

We had a hockey team out to the garden in November to help winterize the orchard and it was tons of fun. Lots of fluffing leaves! They impressed me with their garden cred –from identifying swiss chard to understanding nutrient leaching in winter rains, these kids knew what was up. And tasting sorrel aka sourleaf […]

queen mary sharing gardeners weighing the produce; they had many record-breaking weeks with 80 lbs plus.

a labrinth of questions: season’s end reflections on sharing the bounty

Sometimes asking a lot of questions feels like wandering. I love those questions that don’t have immediate answers. Or when you are deep in a questioning mood and the answers that seem so certain at first, shift in new light. Sometimes my questions loop around in tangles–not a path to clarity it seems, or sometimes they […]


We love Radishes!

It’s radish time! The radish is one of the most underrated veggies if you ask me: they are spicy, crunchy and juicy, plus they pack a nutritional punch – one cup of sliced radishes contains almost 30% of your recommended vitamin C intake. They also grow rapidly – the scientific name for the genus that includes […]